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Nigeria: NRC Multi Sector Initial Rapid Needs Assessment to Dikwa Town, Dikwa LGA in Borno State


Methodology is based on key informant interviews (KII), AGDM focus group discussions (FGDs) and structured direct observation (DO). The tools used are adjusted to the context and designed to triangulate information collected. Methodology design tries to capture maximum extend of information from multiple sources and taking into account views and needs of various groups in the population in shortest possible timeframe.

Resultados principales: 

Priorities stated during all interviews:
1. Food
2. Water
3. Shelter
4. NFI – cooking utensils, sleeping mats, hygiene items
5. Alternative to firewood or security during its collection

Tamaño de la muestra: 
14000 HH IDPs, 7000 HH Returnees
Informe de evaluación: 
Cuestionario de evaluación: 
Publicly Available
Datos de evaluación: 
Publicly Available
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
De 19 Abr 2017 hasta 21 Abr 2017
Estado de la evaluación: 
Report completed
Unidad de medida: 
Método de recolección: 
Key Informant Interview
Focus group discussion
Tipos de poblaciones: 
Personas desplazadas internamente (PDI)
Organización(es) líder(es): 
Consejo Noruego para los Refugiados
Coordinación inter-clústers
Nigeria: Complex Emergency - 2014-2021