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2018.01_NRC_Borno state _Gajiram_RNA Report


Gajiram Town is 75 kilometres away from Maiduguri. Gajiram is situated along Monguno road.
Following the Military operation in surrounding villages of Nganzai and Monguno LGAs, Gajiram remains a center harbouring newly displaced persons from the villages to include: Mara’am, Burimari, Gasarwa, Charamari, Kumowon, and Alajiri. However, the influx of new arrivals was due to the Military operation currently going on in the axis and the surrounding villages and the fear of been attacked by NSAG.
Since early December 2017, there is a continuous daily influx of IDPs from the villages of Nganzai and Monguno and yields to a total population of at least 2069 individuals and 777 Households according to partners working on ground. The influx is from the above mentioned surrounding villages of Nganzai, Marte and Monguno LGAs.
Security situation inside Gajiram town remains calm, however there were attacks along the road to Gajiram recently but no major tensions between various communities were noted.


Methodology is based on key informant interviews (KII), AGDM focus group discussions (FGDs) and structured direct observation (DO). The tools used are adjusted to the context and designed to triangulate information collected. Methodology design tries to capture maximum extend of information from multiple sources and taking into account views and needs of various groups in the population in shortest possible timeframe.
Assessment team members are trained on the methodology received pre-departure brief and de-brief upon return; team members speak local languages.
Total of 3 KII and 4 FGDs were conducted.
Additionally, information obtained from other source (i.e. desk review) was included in this report.

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03 Ene 2018
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Consejo Noruego para los Refugiados
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