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Linha Verde CoViD-19 Report 15th April 2020

Between 16 th March and 15 th April Linha Verde de Resposta a Emergência 1458 registered a total of 484 registered cases Of these, 180 were inquiries about Covid 19 which represents 37 of the total cases of the month Linha Verde 1458 registered an estimated 5 640 calls in the month Operators are instructed to offer callers key messages on Covid 19 regardless of the objective of the call. 

Since COVID 19 cases began to be reported in neighbouring countries, Linha Verde 1458 began receiving requests for information about the virus In order to ensure that information provided by the operators was aligned with the Ministry of Health’s ( official information, Linha Verde 1458 engaged with MISAU resulting in the provision of two trainings by health experts, and on 24 th and 30 th March The training covered they key messages from Covid 19 as well as basic emotional management techniques for the call centre operators This means that operators can now not only handle specific requests for information, but also offer important information about the virus to any caller as part of standard call handling procedures Linha Verde 1458 is exploring how it’s existing services can also support in the management of suspected COVID 19 cases.

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15 Abr 2020
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