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Community Engagement Perception Survey


We are working for a humanitarian organization and we would like to ask you some questions on the engagement of humanitarian organizations with your community.


This is a short survey and it does not relate directly to the provision of any kind of assistance, but rather helps us understand our own performance and how best we can engage with you and other affected communities The questionnaire will take about 30 minutes and any personally identifiable information (PII) will be kept strictly confidential. This is voluntary and you can choose not to answer any or all of the questions. However, we hope that you will participate since the information you will provide is important to evaluate the methodology and effectiveness of the assistance that is currently being provided to those in need and the issues you are facing. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask; if not, may I begin?

Informe de evaluación: 
Available on Request
Cuestionario de evaluación: 
Datos de evaluación: 
Publicly Available
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
De 27 Abr 2019 hasta 12 Mayo 2019
Estado de la evaluación: 
Field work completed
Unidad de medida: 
Método de recolección: 
Key Informant Interview
Tipos de poblaciones: 
Todas las poblaciones afectadas
Organización(es) líder(es): 
Oficina de Coordinación de Asuntos Humanitarios de las Naciones Unidas
Cidade Da Beira
Comunicación con las comunidades
Tropical Cyclone Idai - Mar 2019