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Food Security Early Warning System Agromet Update 2016/2017 Agricultural Season Issue 01 Month: September


  • SARCOF is predicting normal to above normal rainfall in the southern parts of the region, while normal to below normal rainfall is expected in the northern areas.
  • The latest model forecasts have reduced La Niña expectations, and suggest near-equal chances for neutral ENSO and weak La Niña conditions through end of 2016.
  • International temperature forecasts suggest normal temperatures are likely in the southern half of the region, and above normal temperature in northern SADC.
  • Although existing regional water deficits are unlikely to be eradicated this season, there is potential for a good agricultural season if farmers have timely access to inputs, climate-smart agriculture is practised, and appropriate support for drought affected farmers is provided.
  • Continual seasonal monitoring, in consultation with national meteorological agencies is required. Special attention is needed for drought affected areas that have a forecast for normal to below normal rainfall.
Southern African Development Community
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26 Sep 2016
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