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In 2021, HRP partners aim to reach approximately 451,000 people, 36 per cent of the 1.3 million people identified to be in need of humanitarian assistance. These are people with the most severe needs as a result of a partial or total collapse of living standards and basic services, increased reliance on negative coping strategies, and widespread physical and mental harm.
The response will target five groups identified as particularly vulnerable—internally displaced persons, non-displaced
Libyans, returnees, and migrants and refugees— across all 22 mantikas in the country. Based on assessed needs, the response prioritizes provision of or access to critical services, such as education, health, protection, and hygiene and sanitation, as well as providing access to basic household goods and commodities including food and essential non-food items.

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2021 Libya Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)

Libya continues to struggle to cope with the effects of ongoing conflict and insecurity, an economic and governance crisis and the impacts of COVID-19. In 2020, around 2.5 million people have been the most affected, with 1.3 million people having the most severe needs and requiring humanitarian assistance. This is the result of a deterioration or partial collapse of living standards and basic services, an increased reliance on the use of negative coping strategies and widespread grave violations of human rights and significant impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

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