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Kyrgyzstan: Inter-Agency Table-Top Simulation Exercise - 24-25 Nov 2016 - draft


 Improved understanding of roles & responsibilities of in-country disaster response actors

 Opportunity to practice policies, plans and procedures in an open learning environment

 Initiation of an initial response to a large- / medium-scale impact emergency practiced and identify mechanisms and resources available

 Identification of preparedness measures that can be put in place to enhance in-country response readiness and identify gaps, challenges and corresponding mitigation measures

 Strengthened partnerships, coordination and communication between Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, UN agencies, international and local NGOs.

 Identify lesson learned and next steps to enhance the interagency preparedness



 Representatives of relevant Government entities dealing with emergency preparedness and response

 Heads and emergency focal points of United Nations agencies, funds and programmes

 International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (ICRC, IFRC, RCSK)

 International and national non-governmental organizations

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Disaster Response Coordination Unit
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17 Dic 2016
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Reporte de taller