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Water Quality Monitoring Tool and Associate Health Data

Partners involved in water supply are hereby requested to provide online water quality monitoring data through the link:

Reporting on the online template is weekly, every Thursday mid-day.

EWARN Dashboard (produced by WHO):



Contact Us....

Contact us....


National Cluster Coordinator Iraq

Peter Lukwiya

email us..

call us....  0780 929 1221

National Cluster Co-Coordinator

Waleed Rasheed

email us..

 call us....  0751 120 5896

Sub-National Coordinator, Center/South

Ahmed Albbohamed

  0770 687 8878 

Sub-National Coordinator, Kirkuk

Omeed M. Enwiya

email us..

call us....  0751 124 0329 

Sub-National Coordinator, Sulaymaniyah, Kalar, Khanaquin

Aras Hussein

email us..

call us....  0770 148 5490 

Sub-National Coordinator, Duhok

Asaad Mohammed

  0750 457 8129

Sub-National Coordinator, Salah al-Din

Mustafa Sadiq

email us..

call us....  0751 740 7385

Sub-National Coordinator, Ninewa

Mattia Barbieri

email us..

call us....  0751 774 2856 

Information Management Officer

Karam Hindi

email us..

call us....  0751 184 5021

WASH in Schools Working-group Coordinator, Salah al-Din

Khalaf Ibrahim

email us..

call us....  0770 844 6090

WASH in Schools Working-group Coordinator, Anbar

Mohanad Abdulhadi

email us..

call us....  0790 183 7370