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Haiti: COVID-19 Border Monitoring, Weekly Situation Report 24 (21 September - 04 October 2020)

The COVID-19 outbreak first reported in the People’s Republic of China in late 2019 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 11 March 2020. On 20 March, the first two cases were confirmed in Haiti and the country remains at high risk of rapid contagion given the weak health system, the proximity and porous border with Dominican Republic and the limited external connections now possible. At present, 8,838 cases of infection, 229 deaths and 7,013 recoveries have been confirmed in Haiti.

IOM has adapted its ongoing Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) initiative along the Haiti–Dominican Republic border to support the ongoing preparedness and response, across 50 flow monitoring points. In the reporting period, there have been 68,059 total cross border movements observed, of which 40 per cent were going to the Dominican Republic and 60 per cent to Haiti. A total of 14,684 movements to Haiti were voluntary returns.

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Organización Internacional para las Migraciones
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04 Oct 2020
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Reporte de situación SitRep