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Haiti : La Gonave

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Minor shocks or climatic variations could have tremendous impacts to inhabitants, especially for children, on this island that is ill equipped from a resilience perspective. Wasting rates of children under the age of 5 on some parts of the island exceed critical thresholds according to WHO standards, while under 5 underweight rates require intervention on half of the island. A category 4 hurricane like Matthew has affected thousands of the households on the island and rendered 75% of the access routes impassable. A rapid assessment conducted by World Vision Haiti field staff found:

 6,034 families reported to be affected.
 3,803 homes destroyed, damaged, or flooded.
 18 schools damaged and another 15 destroyed, affecting an approximate number of 9,900 students.
 Significant crop damage in both communes of Anse-a-Galet and Point-a-Raquette.
 Significant livestock damage and agricultural stock damage in Point-a-Raquette.
 Insufficient levels of drinking water across the entire island, affecting all 130,000 of its inhabitants.

Government statistics and consequently decision making are usually aggregated at department levels, camouflaging La Gonave’s vulnerabilities and high needs within higher department level indicators. La Gonave’s pre-existing challenges plus the new impacts brought on by Hurricane Matthew requires urgent intervention. Unfortunately, the island is currently receiving support from very few actors from the humanitarian community. World Vision has distributed non-food items, e.g. tarps, jerry cans, hygiene kits, water treatment tablets, bed kits, and baby kits, to 1,993 families in La Gonave, but this is far from sufficient in addressing the immediate and recovery needs of the affected people on the island.

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21 Oct 2016
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Report completed
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Todas las poblaciones afectadas
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Visión Mundial Internacional
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Hurricane Matthew - Sep 2016