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Overview of Needs and Requirements for the Ebola Response Phase 3 Framework

In November 2015, the Office of the Special Envoy for Ebola outlined needs for a comprehensive Ebola Response in West Africa in the updated Overview of Needs and Requirements. The ONR defines the costs of the Ebola response and preparedness activities to arrive at zero cases-- and stay there.

The October 2015 ONR is the third and final appeal for support, calling for USD$245 million to respond to urgent needs during Phase 3 of the Ebola Response (November 2015-March 2016) with some 50% already funded. The ONR is based on the latest information available from the three most affected countries (i.e. Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia), and addresses not only treatment of patients, but support and monitoring of Ebola Survivors. The ONR duly aims to ensure a minimum rapid response capacity to future Ebola outbreaks in country.

In support of national-led responses, the ONR defines those contributions planned by the UN system and major international organizations.


VacanteFecha límiteFuente
Chef.fe de projet santé - Labé - GUINEESeptiembre 30, 2021Croix-Rouge Française
Program Manager II- Health Systems Strengthening, GuineaOctubre 25, 2020Catholic Relief Services
Délégué.e santé mentale et psychosocial (SMPS) – Labé – GuinéeOctubre 31, 2020Croix-Rouge Française
Responsable de Programme Santé CommunautaireOctubre 31, 2020Inter Aide
Deputy Chief of Party - Papua Guinea/Solomon IslandsOctubre 30, 2020DT Global

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