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Cameroon: North-West and South-West Crisis, Situation Report N°9 as of 31 July 2019


  • More than 700,000 children, representing almost 9 out of every 10children, have been out of school for nearly three years with 80% ofschools closed.1
  • An estimated 462,000 people2 in the North West and South West(NWSW) regions fall within the Crisis and Emergency phases of foodinsecurity calling for urgent action to protect and revive livelihoods,reduce food consumption gaps and reduce acute malnutrition.
  • There is an outbreak of measles confirmed in Limbe and suspected inEkondo-Titi health districts.
  • It is estimated that up to 7,000 children between 6-59 months withSevere Acute Malnutrition (SAM) can be expected in the two regionsuntil the end of the year. Reports of hospital admission of children withSAM requiring inpatient care are increasingly being recorded in theregions.
  • Out of 789 protection incidents in the month of July 36.4% are related tothe destruction of houses and villages.
  • Out of the 74 rape cases recorded only 13 were able to obtain healthcare services due to the absence of services in their localities. 785 casesof GBV were reported in the same month with indications that both areon the rise.
  • 630 households were reported to have been displaced in the NWSW asthey flee confrontations between the warring parties.
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03 Sep 2019
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Cameroon: North West and South West Crisis 2016-2021