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CAMEROON: COVID-19 Emergency Situation Report No. 17, May 2021


  • In May 2021, the Ministry of Public Health (MoH) recorded 4,788 new COVID-19 positive cases, including 158 deaths. With a case fatality rate of 1.6 per cent, Cameroun remains the 12th African country with the highest number of infections.
  • The vaccination campaign continues in the health facilities selected by the Government. 63,404 people have been vaccinated, including 15,119 health personnel as of 2 June. 
  • The Cameroonian population is reluctant to receive COVID-19 vaccine. An internal Enlarged Programme for Immunization (EPI) survey found that 37 per cent of doctors and medical staff are not willing to receive any vaccine, questioning its reliability.
  • On 28 April, the United Nations launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign within at the UN Clinic for personnel and dependents of the UN agencies and NGOs. A total of 361 staff members and dependents received their first dose as of 28 May. 
  • A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) survey, was conducted by UN COVID-19 Task force, from 15 April to 5 May among UN agencies and NGO staff and their dependents on COVID-19 vaccines, revealed that staff members and dependents are well informed about the vaccines.
  • NRC conducted Risk Communication and Community Engagement activities in the Far North, in Logone et Chari, Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga divisons, North West and South West regions, entailing awareness raising and sensitization on COVID-19 prevention.
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17 Jun 2021
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