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IOM Tanzania Burundi Influx - Weekly Report from 01 to 07 May, 2017


  • • 81 new arrivals (42 males and 39 females) composed of 39 Burundian and 42 Congolese Asylum Seekers. Busiest entry points during this week were Kigadye (35 persons), Murusagamba (12 persons) and Bugarama (19 persons).
  • 65 Asylum Seekers (36 males and 29 females) at Nduta camp were relocated to Nyarugusu refugee camp. A group of 203 Asylum Seekers was relocated from Manyovu transit center to Nyarugusu and Nduta camps and another one of 94 Asylum Seekers was relocated from Nduta to Mtendeli camp for family reunification. Lastly, 1 Burundian Asylum Seeker was transported from Nduta to Nyarugusu camp.
  • IOM’s fit-to-travel medical screening revealed that, the top five medical conditions among the transported persons for this week were: malaria, skin infections, upper respiratory tract infection, mental disorder, and conjunctivitis.
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11 Jun 2017
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