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Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG)

The Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG) is a technical working group founded by Handicap International-Humanity & Inclusion (HI), CBM, the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), and HelpAge International (HAI) to ensure the humanitarian response for Rohingya crisis is inclusive for men, women, boys, and girls with disabilities and older persons, In line with the Protection Sector’s  Protection Mainstreaming and Age, Gender, and Diversity (AGD) Strategy, ADWG under the umbrella of the Protection Sector provides technical guidance and support to ISCG sectors in order to ensure age and disability inclusion throughout the response.

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Anti-Trafficking Working Group (ATWG)

The ATWG (co-chaired by IOM and UNHCR) leads a collective strategy for anti-trafficking interventions in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, aimed at -

  1.  Preventing human trafficking through awareness-raising in the camps
  2. Protecting victims of human trafficking through protection services including legal assistance
  3. Building the capacity of key stakeholders by mainstreaming anti-trafficking, providing technical guidance and training

Click here to access resources and documents developed by the ATWG.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Develop and disseminate awareness-raising materials/messages on human trafficking risks in various formats, ensuring an AGD approach.
  • Enhance the capacity for victim identification and appropriate referrals by ATWG members and key stakeholders to respond to human trafficking.
  • Engage with other humanitarian sectors (emphasizing on education, health, food security, livelihoods) about basic concepts of human trafficking risks and mitigation.
  • Ongoing advocacy with Bangladeshi authorities and service providers engaged in the camps aimed at ensuring effective prevention and response measures are put in place in Cox’s Bazar.
  • Support the Government in the prosecution of persons alleged to be involved in human trafficking, including legal representation of victims of human trafficking.


Anti-Trafficking Working Group (ATWG) co-chairs:



Phone: +880 18 70718072

Barbara COLZI


Phone: +880 18 4732 6521