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HEAT assessment for Undocumented Returnees in Asadabad District of Kunar province (31 Jan 17)


Joint need assessment of undocumented Returnees Andersir, Dam kalay, Kirhalal, Sagay, Yargul of Asadabad


Direct Observation

Resultados principales: 

These affected 145 families were living in Pakistan as undocumented/unregistered refugees and passed years there. Due to recent clashes, the government of Pakistan decided to expel all these families. They were finally forced and made to pass the border. When they arrived to Afghanistan, they settled in different locations and since they were forced evictees they left all assets and livelihood in Pakistan and couldn’t bring many things with them. As they were in emergency situation; hence a need assessment conducted and observed that these families are living in extreme bad condition and are in needs of emergency assistance.

Based on the situation NRC conducted assessment with DoRR in Asadabad district of Kunar province where we found 145 undocumented unassisted returnee families which make a total of 910 individuals; as 145 families and 910 individuals, the average household size for this caseload is 6.28 persons
77% of the beneficiaries has listed food while 23% listed NFI as their first priority followed by winterization and shelter.
Base on assessment team’s observations, the families are living in extremely bad condition therefore the team recommended them for emergency assistance

Informe de evaluación: 
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Publicly Available
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Not Available
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
De 17 Ene 2017 hasta 31 Ene 2017
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Report completed
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Consejo Noruego para los Refugiados
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Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
Evaluación de las necesidades