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The Afghanistan Accountability to Affected People Working Group (AAP WG) replaces the former Community Engagement Working Group and reflects the commitment by the Humanitarian Country Team, the Inter-Cluster coordination Team, UN agencies and NGO partners to put crisis-affected people at the centre of programme decision-making. The Working Group's key functions include training humanitarian responders and others on collective AAP and coordinating shared resources and creating tools for collective AAP. Working Group co-leads are ACBAR, BBC Media Action and UNHCR. The AAP WG and its three sub-working groups support accountability practices, policies and activities that turn national and global commitments into local action that engages even the most marginalised of communities in Afghanistan. The three sub-working groups are:

  1. Communications with Communities, which focuses on participatory information provision (BBC Media Action and FAO co-leads)
  2. Risk Communication and Community Engagement (COVID-19 and other outbreak diseases), which collaborates with the Ministry of Public Health to promote health-seeking actions through respectfully listening to people's concerns, fears and questions about health risks and returning accurate, relevant and standardised information throughout the country (WHO and NRC co-leads)
  3. Feedback and Response Mechanism, which supports collective feedback-response systems and processes (DRC and UN Women co-leads)

The AAP Working Group strives to have national NGOs and crisis-affected community members be active and equal partners in accountability activities. WG meetings generally are the second Monday of every month from 2-4 p.m., Kabul time and ad hoc as needed. Sub-Working Group meetings are called as needed.

(The photo at the top is of an OCHA-FAO Focus Group Discussion with especially marginalized women, including widows and single mothers, held in Herat Province.)

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