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User Profile feature in holds the contact details of the users who are able to login. Users can keep their profiles up-to-date by entering mandatory fields such as full names, email address and organization. It is also recommended for the users to provide other contact details such as Job title, Location where they are, phone number and social media profile.

By providing and keeping the contact details up-to-date, users will be able to engage within the humanitarian community by joining mailing list, finding people with similar profile and get notified with latest content from sites they follow. See the screenshot below.

Note: Users who are site focal points or they are given "Manager' or 'Editor' roles, are stronly recommened to keep their timezone updated in their user profile whenever they move from one timezone to another. This way they will be able to view the existing content or upload new content to the site such as meeting calendar in the correct time zone of that site or operation. Please contact if you ever face the timezone issue.

User Profile in

When user login to the platform, he or she can see the following available options associated with their profile;

My Account: Access your main user profile with all the contact details you have provided. You can also edit your profile by going to the Edit->Main profile and make the necessary changes.

My Check-Ins: Lists all the spaces or sub sites you have checked-in. This also provides a direct link to the site(s) you are member of.

My Content: Lists all type of content a user has uploaded to the space(s) in the with content posted date and the status i.e. published or unpublished content.

My Follows: Lists all the spaces(s) a user follow. It provides direct links to the spaces users follow.

Logout: Sign out of the