Humanitarianresponse Logo

The primary target audience of is field-level responders who are looking for operational information or global guidance to help manage a local response. The platform is managed by OCHA’s Field Information Services (FIS).

Menu items added to the top-level navigation are:

  • be a word/phrase that relates to a generic topic within the humanitarian sector,
  • be a word/phrase that can, with reason, be understood by and is relevant to field-based humanitarian responders,
  • be current yet not explicitly represent the latest trend or fad in humanitarian response (e.g. transformative agenda), and
  • be a clearly defined concept including a definition of its target audience, key messages and site structure.

Content that is added to top-level navigation is:

  • predefined and prepared (i.e. information to populate the space is available and ready to add), and
  • sufficiently large to justify top-level navigation (more than 15 documents and at least 4 pages)

Owners for top-level navigation have agreed to:

  • nominate a focal point to perform content management on their site and interact with FIS,
  • accept full (internal and external) responsibility for their space,
  • accept that if the space content becomes obsolete or stale, FIS reserves the right to hide or archive the site (i.e. if content is not updated within 4 weeks), and
  • accept that if analytics reports show low viewership/usage compared to other lower-level sites on, their menu item could be removed at FIS’ discretion.