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Adding "key contacts" to your space makes it easy for people to connect quickly in an emergency. To ensure contact details are up-to date we now integrate with Humanitarian IDDepending on the type of space you are managing, you might want your Key Contacts to include regional IMOs, or Custer Coordinators.

Note: if you are not yet using Humanitarian ID to manage contacts, you can add key contacts as "custom content".

To complete the instructions on this page, you will need to be assigned the role of "Manager"; and the people you want to add as Key Contacts will need to have a local profile on Humanitarian ID. To get a local profile, you must be "checked in" to an operation / disaster / emergency.

Adding Contact block using ‘Humanitarian ID’

  1. Login to your website with ‘Manager’ role
  2. In the front page, click on the ‘Customize this page’ to add block for key contacts

  3. Click on the ‘+’ sign to add block or panel as shown in the screenshot below

  4. Since we are going to add contacts from the HID, click on the ‘Contacts by HID’ button from the left and then click on the ‘+ Add’ button as shown in the screenshot below

  5. In the ‘Contact’ text input parameter, start typing the name of the person and the website will pick it from HID. For instance, type ‘Neil’ and the website will search all the containing ‘Neil’. If the person does not appear, it is typically because they are not "checked in" to the local contact list on Humanitarian ID.

  6. Select the name you want to add and click on ‘Finish’. Please note that the website will show the name in ‘alphanumeric’ format, but this is normal as this is the unique number against the name in the database.

  7. If you have followed all the above steps correctly, you should see the block ‘CONTACTS’ with the key contact added in the screenshot below.