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Inter-cluster coordination is a cooperative effort among sectors/clusters and the HCT to assure coherence in achieving common objectives, avoiding duplication and ensuring areas of need are prioritized.  Inter-cluster coordination takes place at the national and sub-national level, to coordinate the implementation of the response through each step of the humanitarian program cycle.

The HC and HCT provide an overall strategic direction to the humanitarian community in support of the national response. Guided by the HCT, inter-cluster coordination provides a platform for clusters to work together to advance the delivery of assistance to affected people effectively and efficiently. It does this by encouraging synergies between sectors, ensuring roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, closing potential gaps and eliminating duplication. 

Inter-cluster coordination plays a critical role in facilitating the development of the strategic response plan and assures a coherent and coordinated approach to planning and operationalizing the shared strategic objectives as set out in the strategic response plan.

Simplified Humanitarian Coordination Structure at Country Level