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Platforms Sub-group

Recent conversations

  • Content Editorial guidelines for & taxonomy alignment with ReliefWeb
  • Consideration for taxonomy alignment/mapping amongst the different operational site


Note: this group does not operate in the style of a standard sub-working group body. Meetings are ad hoc based on the need to discuss a given topic. 

Guidance Sub-Group

The objective of the guidance sub-group is to improve the quality and predictability of humanitarian information management through the development of relevant policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures.

For more information please contact Craig Williams (

Training Sub-Group

Recent conversations

  • Members of the subgroup continue to feed into the profiling exercise to identify the core competencies that are required and develop a joint learning pathway. 


For more information contact Manasi Rajagopalan(

Data Sub-Group

Recent conversations
  • Bringing all core CODs (Administrative Boundaries, Population Statistics, and Humanitarian Profile) up to date and up to a higher standard.
  • Preparation of 2018 workplan.  Activities to include:
    • Development of guidance on COD tagging by dataset
    • Implementation of process for yearly administrative boundary COD review/revision
    • Operationalization the implementation of the Humanitarian Profile
    • Definition of  “other” CODs for a humanitarian response
    • Development of process for elevation dataset

Reference Material
For more information please contact Kristina MacKinnon ( or  Milindi Illangasinghe (

GIS Sub-Group

Community of practitioners around the use of geographical information systems in humanitarian work exchanging knowledge on:

  • Technological developments
  • Use cases
  • Best practices
  • Lessons learned

GIS Sub-Group page

For more information please contact Sven Schmitz-Leuffen (