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IASC Operational Guidance on Information Management [EN/SP]

Detailed guidance on the cluster approach is provided in the IASC Guidance Note on Using the Cluster Approach to Strengthen Humanitarian Response, 24 November 2006. The IASC Generic Terms of Reference for Cluster/Sector Leads at the Country Level includes a requirement that Cluster/Sector leads at country level ensure “effective information sharing (with OCHA support)”. The following Operational Guidance is intended for use at the country level to help Cluster/Sector leads, OCHA and humanitarian partners ensure that relevant information related to a humanitarian emergency is provided to the right person at the right time in a usable form to facilitate situational understanding and decision-making. Cluster/Sector leads and OCHA at the country level should aim to ensure that information management (IM) activities support national information systems, standards, build local capacities and maintain appropriate links with relevant Government, State and local authorities. Cluster/Sector leads and OCHA should thus seek to strengthen, not replace or diminish national efforts including those of institutions not part of the Cluster or Government.
Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Original Publication Date: 
04 Dec 2008
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Information Management
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