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ID Name Type Acronym Website
17145 (at)Fire Other
62875 410 Bridge International NGO 410 Bridge
56052 @fire International Disaster Response Germany International NGO @fire
62418 A Portée de Mains National NGO APM
47796 A Self-help Assistance Programme National NGO ASAP
17146 A Single Drop for Safe Water National NGO ASDSW
62737 A2D Project - Research Group for Alternatives to Development, Inc. National NGO A2D
50354 ABC Ecologie International NGO ABC
17147 ABS-CBN Corporation Media
49416 ACDI-VOCA International NGO ACDI-VOCA
52517 ACK Development Services (Kenya) National NGO
17149 ACT Alliance International NGO ACT
17152 ACTS World Relief International NGO ACTS
62096 ADES-Tchad (Chad) National NGO
49419 AECOM International Development International Organization
65876 AFAK Future For Capacity Building (Jordan) National NGO AFAK
17155 AHA Centre Other
56669 AKUT Arama Kurtarma Dernegi / AKUT Search and Rescue National NGO AKUT
70751 AL-Lyth Foundation for Supplies Transportation and Humanitarian Services Other LFSTHS
65991 ALGGI National NGO ALGGI
70752 ALL BD Research & Development Group Academic / Research ALL BD R&D Group
61336 AMAN MALAYSIA International Organization AMAN-MA
56672 AMDA MINDS International NGO
62419 AMDAS and Thinking Africa National NGO
56673 AMICI DEI BAMBINI International NGO
54790 AMORES National NGO
17167 AMURT Foundation International NGO AMURT
49426 ANNASRU (Mali) National NGO
60834 AOV International Private sector AOV
56674 APEIRON International NGO
63261 APPEI (DR Congo) National NGO APPEI
62372 ARC Operational Development Private sector AOD
17169 ARCHE NOVA International NGO
62112 ARK Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) National NGO
56044 ARMM-HEART Government
56045 ARMM-HELPS Government
61343 ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management International Organization AHA Centre
62543 ASUDA National NGO
17176 ASYA SAR/KYM Other
52524 AVSI Foundation International NGO AVSI
2093 AW-MOS Development and Relief Organization National NGO ADRO
56676 AWO International International NGO
2094 AYUUB Organisation National NGO AYUUB
2077 Aamin Voluntary Relief Organization National NGO AVRO
71184 Ability for Human Investment (Yemen) National NGO OHI
61950 Abs Development for Women & Children National NGO ADO
71121 Acasus Limited (Hong Kong) Private sector Acasus
61817 Acceptance International International NGO AI
448 Access Aid International International NGO AAI