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Zimbabwe Humanitarian Response Plan 2016

Overview of the crisis
An unprecedented El Niño-related drought has triggered a second shock-year of hunger and hardship for poor and vulnerable people in Zimbabwe, leaving 2.8 million people food insecure. The combination of a poor 2014-2015 harvest, an extremelydry early season andforecasts for continuinghot anddrier than average conditions through mid-2016suggestascenarioof extensivecropfailurewithserious consequences that willpersist until atleastthe next harvestin 2017.The reduction of rainfall has also reduced the amount of available water, reducing power supply from dams, and potable water from boreholes for human and livestock consumption.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
06 May 2016
Document type: 
Strategic Response Plan
Resource Mobilisation
Strategic Planning