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SADC: Regional Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis News, Issue 5, January 2016

The SADC Region is experiencing one of the most difficult agricultural seasons in many years. Areas in the southern part of the Region, in particular, have felt the impact of the combination of lack of rains, extreme temperatures and high evaporation due to the presence of the El Nino phenomenon, which is associated with dry conditions in our part of the continent. Some areas are experiencing cumulative effects of drought, with second or third year of below normal rainfall. The effects of drought, with a second or third year of below normal rainfalls are still felt in many Member States, taking up the time of relevant agencies and hampering the planning for the current situation. While rain in the coming weeks may still reduce the impact on crops and livestock in some areas, water deficits will necessitate more than the usual rainfall in the remainder of the season. It is recommended that Vulnerability Assessment Committees (VACs) should ensure that water availability is included in their assessments, and as necessary consider carrying out early assessments. All Member States are urged to finalise their contingency planning, including preparations for a worst case scenario.

Southern African Development Community
Original Publication Date: 
01 Feb 2016
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Information Management
Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC)