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SADC Agromet Update Issue 4, 2015-2016

Mid-December SADC Agrometeorological Update, indicating the progress of the main rainfall/agricultural season in the SADC region. This issue's highlights include: 

  • Below normal rainfall was received in Lesotho, parts of South Africa, central Mozambique, eastern Zambia and north-eastern Zimbabwe in the first half of December
  • Onset of rains in parts of South Africa and Lesotho has not yet occurred, with delays of at least 50 days in some parts, as planting windows are closing in some areas
  • Vegetation conditions improved in some central parts of the region, after good rains were received there
  • Very high temperatures have continued in the southern half of the region, driving up rates of water loss from surface water bodies. High temperatures are forecast to continue
  • High rainfall continued to be received in much of Tanzania and central DRC
Southern African Development Community
Original Publication Date: 
21 Dec 2015
Document type: 
Situation Report
Information Management