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Zambia: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2017


Zambia is food secure, with concurrent seven-year production surpluses. With a record 3,606,549 MT harvest along with an additional carry over stock,the total available maize for the 2017/2018 marketing season stands at 4,175,866 MT.

Combining other cereals and tubers to the food basket raised the available maize equivalent stock to 5,440,415MT. Based on judgment from past experience there are pockets of communities in the country that are perpetually food insecure and in most years require some support. These areas mainly lie in the valley areas of the country where not only is food production low but, according to the demographic health survey, the disease burden of ailments such as malaria is also very high.

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Southern African Development Community
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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02 Oct 2017
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Humanitarian Update
Food/Nutrition Crisis
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