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National maize supplies in the 2015/16 marketing year, despite a 21 per cent decrease in the 2015 output, were estimated to be more than adequate for domestic consumption requirements. This reflected the record crop of 2014 that reinforced grain stocks and resulted in large carryover supplies into 2015/16. However, on account of the expected below-average 2016 harvest, the Government plans to import maize, largely from South America, to help stabilize supplies in 2016/17. Currently, 799,000 people cannot meet their basic minimum food needs. In mid-January, the Government warned that approximately 1.6 million people may need food aid. As western and northern areas are likely to benefit from above-average rainfall, food insecurity towards the end of 2016 is likely to mainly concentrate in southern areas (especially the south west) and the overall food security outlook is less severe than for other countries in the region. Nonetheless, food security in parts of the south west is expected to deteriorate, with Crisis (IPC Phase 3) projected from January to March 2016.