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The nutrition cluster approach was adopted in Yemen in August 2009, immediately after the break-out of the sixth war between government forces and the Houthis in Sa’ada governorate in northern Yemen. Since then Yemen has continued to face complex emergencies that are largely conflict-generated and in part aggravated by civil unrest and political instability with the Nutrition Cluster being constantly active. Following the escalation of the conflict in March 2015, a Level 3 system-wide emergency was declared in Yemen, which is still in place. The vision of the nutrition cluster is to safeguard and improve the nutrition status of emergency affected populations by ensuring an appropriate response that is predictable, timely, and effective and at scale. The primary purpose of the nutrition cluster is to support and strengthen a coordinated multi-sectoral approach in nutrition in emergencies strategic planning, situation analysis and response.

The Nutrition cluster is currently established at national level, with five sub national clusters at the zonal level in Hodeidah, Ibb, Aden, Saada, and Sanaa. The Cluster is co-chaired by the MoPHP and UNICEF and consists of 45 partners. A Strategic Advisory group provides strategic directions to the Cluster, while three technical groups (CMAM WG, IYCF WG, and AWG) were established to support partners in CMAM, IYCF, Assessments and data analysis, respectively, as well as the technical committee for the SMART assessments, chaired by CSO.

Cluster Core Functions are:

  1. Supporting service delivery
  2. Informing strategic decision-making of the HC/HCT for the humanitarian response
  3. Planning and implementation of cluster strategies
  4. Monitoring and evaluating
  5. Building national capacity in preparedness and contingency planning
  6. Advocacy
  7. + Accountability to Affected Population

Partners:  ACF-F, ADO, ADRA, Al Tamkeen, Alameen, Altwasul, BFD, FHD, FHI360, FMF, GC, HAD, Human Access, IMC, INTERSOS, IRC, IRY, IYCY, MC, MEDAIR, MEDGlobal, MH, MMFY, MoPHP, MSF-H, NDEO, NFDHR, PU-AMI, QRCS, RDP, RI, Samaritan's Purse, SCI, SHS, SOUL, Taybah, TYF, UNHCR, UNICEF, VHI, WFP, WHO, YDN, YFCA, ZOA.

Partners Operatinal Presence 4W

Yemen Nutrition Cluster Achievements Analysis

Nutrition Cluster 4Ws Matrix

Nutrition Cluster Reporting tools

Yemen Nutrition Surveillance System (WHO/MoPHP)

Contacts of Nutrition Cluster Team

Nutrition Cluster Coordinator 
Tarig Mekkawi
+967 712223421

Roving Nutrition Cluster Coordinator 
Mutahar Al-Falahi 
+967 712223069

Nutrition Cluster Information Management Officer 
Abdullah Al-Ghaily 
+967 712223263

Hudeidah hub Sub-nutiriton cluster coordinator
(Hudeidah, Hajjah, Al Mahwit, Raymah governorates)
Hameed Awn
+967 712223173

Hudeidah hub Sub-nutiriton IMO
Manaf Aladomi


Aden hub Sub-nutiriton cluster coordinator
(Abyan, Aden, Al Dhale'e, Al Maharah,Hadramaut, Lahj, Shabwah, Socotra governorates)

Henry Sebuliba  Al-Hajj
+967 712223460 

Sana,a hub Sub-nutiriton cluster coordinator
(Al Bayda, Amanat Al Asimah, Amran, Dhamar, Marib, Sana'a governorates)
Sally Ahmed 
+967 71222 3167

Taiz hub Sub-nutiriton cluster coordinator
(Taiz, Ibb)
Murad Abdullah Dahan
+967 77112 6566

Sa'ada hub Sub-nutiriton cluster coordinator
(Sa'ada , Al Jawf )
Jemal Seid Mohammed
+967 71222 3481