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The Nutrition, FSAC, Health, WASH and Protection clusters have agreed to support integrated programming for famine risk reduction (IFRR) in Yemen. 107 priority districts were identified as those most in need of IFRR in 2018.  Further, 27 pilot districts have been selected out of the 107 priority districts for IFRR where the cluster coordinators will monitor and evaluate the pilot in 2018. However, the partners are encouraged to implement IFRR approach in all 107 priority IFRR districts and beyond.

The IFRR package includes interventions from the four clusters (WASH, Nutrition, Health and FSAC) at health facility, community and household levels.

An “Operational Guidelines: Integrated programming for famine risk reduction (IFRR), Draft for field testing” was prepared jointly by the four clusters and is now available here.