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Yemen: Second Reserve Allocation (2020)


The Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) launched a 2nd Reserve Allocation on 21 August 2020 to provide life-line funding for the critical elements of COVID-19 response and to support the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). The allocation injected US$16.8 million into the COVID-19 response, which will enable payments of hazard allowances to health workers and provision of Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCM). In addition, the allocation provided $3 million for the distribution of emergency kits to newly displaced people in hard-to-reach locations.

The allocation comes at a critical time when COVID-19 is threatening to further contract the accessible health services and exacerbate existing vulnerabilities. As of 29 August, the number of reported confirmed COVID-19 cases in Yemen had reached 1,950 with 564 associated deaths. However, due to a lack of testing facilities and official reporting, the number of confirmed cases and deaths fall below actual numbers. Reports indicate that people are delaying obtaining treatment because of stigma, difficulty in accessing treatment centres and the perceived risks of seeking health care.

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07 Sep 2020
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