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Yemen Humanitarian Update Covering 21 May – 11 June 2019 | Issue 9 [EN/AR]



• Humanitarian response and preparedness plan in process in Hajjah, where 33,949 families have been displaced in four months.

• Torrential rain and flooding affect 70,000 people across Yemen, partners have scaled up responses to meet the needs of those affected.

• UN increases its footprint with a new humanitarian hub in Marib City.

• 2,315 of 3,000 migrants detained in Aden have registered for voluntary return – 896 have already returned home.

• Increased import volumes reported in May


Hajjah is one of the most conflict-affected governorates in Yemen. Between February and May, fighting displaced 33,949 families (about 203,694 people). Displaced families are scattered across more than 300 sites. In the face of such displacement, humanitarian partners have scaled up their response and are developing a preparedness plan to respond to any future large-scale displacement.

Through the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), displaced families are already receiving food assistance (see table below). As of 1 June, partners have provided 30,504 families with RRM kits and 20,463 families with food. Of the 12,560 families targeted, 4,565 families were provided with Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA); 6,235 families of the 16,975 targeted families were provided with shelter assistance, and 9,628 of the 20,300 targeted families received non-food items (NFIs). Of the 12,800 families targeted, 4,060 were provided with sanitation services, and 13,242 were provided with clean water. Partners faced difficulties in reaching all displaced families as they are they are scattered across the 300 settlements identified. Other challenges included delays in transporting supplies from warehouses to distribution points, restrictions on the transport of supplies, lack of stocks of some supplies and damage to facilities, as well as the limited capacity of implementing partners, and delays in receiving beneficiary lists.

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11 May 2019
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