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Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (October - November 2019)


Upsurge in access incidents in October and November. Humanitarian partners reported 719 access incidents during the reporting period across 141 districts in 20 governorates in Yemen, compared to 502 incidents reported in August and September.

Humanitarian partners faced an unprecedented number of delays, denials and blockages in reaching people in need. Over 399 incidents of restrictions on movement within Yemen were reported, nearly two and a half times higher than in August and September. More than 90 per cent of the reported movement constraints were attributed to the De Facto Authorities (DFA) based in Sana’a. The incidents ranged from delays and denials of travel permits impacting needs assessments, deliveries of humanitarian assistance as well as monitoring activities. In southern Yemen, Ad Durayhimi and At Tuhayta in Al Hudaydah Governorate remain hard to reach due to ad hoc restrictions on humanitarian movements.

Interference in humanitarian operations by local authorities continued to be a major constraint, with over 148 separate incidents of interference reported. This predominantly pertained to interference in local beneficiary registration, tampering with in-kind aid distributions and attempts of aid diversion. In northern Yemen, the establishment of a new coordination body by the DFA in November resulted in further shrinking of the humanitarian space, notably through the enforcement of directives that contravene the neutrality and independency of humanitarian operations, global humanitarian standards, and contractual agreements with international donors. In southern Yemen, challenges associated with securing project sub-agreements, NGO principal agreements and visas with the Internationally Recognized Government based in Aden (IRG) were reported.

Violence against humanitarian personnel and assets remained pervasive, predominantly in DFA-controlled areas. Some 142 separate incidents were reported in October and November, including 40 incidents of assault, intimidation, arbitrary detention and other forms of mistreatment against staff and 102 incidents of theft and looting of relief supplies.

Persistent delays in project approvals by authorities continue to block a timely and effective response. As of 2 February 2020, humanitarian partners reported that 82 NGO projects remained unimplemented, in part or in full, due to delayed approvals of sub-agreements by the authorities. The pending projects target an estimated 4.9 million people and have a cumulative budget of $232 million. Between October and November, 37 NGO projects were reported approved by authorities following delays exceeding six months on average, particularly with DFA.

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11 Feb 2020
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