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Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (May - June 2020)



Humanitarian partners reported 564 access incidents in May and June across 36 districts in 14 governorates in Yemen. This represents nearly a 50 per cent decrease in reported access incidents from the previous reporting period in March and April, because of reduced humanitarian operations following restrictions imposed by the authorities in response to the threat of COVID-19.

Restrictions on the movement of humanitarian organizations, personnel and goods within Yemen continued to be the primary operational constraint reported by partners, with 216 incidents reported during the reporting period. These incidents mostly pertained to arbitrary delays/denials of travel permits and associated activity permits for all types of activities, with additional reports of delays and blockages at checkpoints during movements. These restrictions continued to affect efforts to maintain regular programmes as well as to scale up the COVID-19 response.

Moreover, 37 restriction incidents were reported on travel to Yemen. This is mainly due to a reduction in delays and denials associated with visa and residency requests as some partners have temporarily suspended applications and reduced staff presence in response to COVID-19. The reported incidents related to the movement of cargo into the country, which continued to be disrupted by quarantine regulations imposed by authorities in the north and the south. In the north, this exacerbated pre-existing constraints around customs clearances and cargo ground movements, particularly in and around ports in Al Hudaydah. Meanwhile, by mid-June, the international airports in Aden and Sana’a had resumed operations, including for humanitarian operations.

Interference in humanitarian operations by local authorities remained a major constraint, with over 163 separate incidents reported across the country. The incidents almost exclusively pertained to delays and denials of NGO project sub-agreements, along with arbitrary attempts to interfere in project and activity design.

By the end of June, 95 NGO projects were reported to remain unimplemented, in part or in full, due to authorities’ pending approvals of sub-agreements. The pending projects targeted up to 5.6 million people in need and had a cumulative budget of US$204.5 million. In May and June, 48 sub-agreements were reported approved, including 36 by the de-facto authorities in Sana’a and 12 by the Government of Yemen (GoY).

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07 Sep 2020
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