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Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (July - August 2020)



Humanitarian partners reported 533 access incidents in July and August across 21 districts in 14 governorates across Yemen. This is a slight decrease on the number of reported access incidents compared with the previous reporting period in May and June.

Restrictions on the movement of humanitarian organizations, personnel and goods within Yemen remained the most extensive constraint to humanitarian operations. A total of 274 incidents were reported, an increase of more than 25 per cent compared to May and June. While the authorities lifted most of the restrictive regulations imposed on humanitarian movements in Yemen due to COVID-19, pre-existing challenges relating to delays and denials of travel permits remained a key constraint to humanitarian operations. In areas controlled by the Government of Yemen (GoY) in Taizz Governorate, hostilities between security and military actors obstructed key access routes and disrupted programme deliveries in August.

Partners faced increased challenges with movements to Yemen with 87 incidents reported, an increase of over 35 per cent on the previous reporting period. The incidents mainly related to prolonged visa and residency processes as partners sought to scale back up international staff presence in Yemen after COVID-19 related staff reductions. Meanwhile, some challenges relating to the importation of cargo were reportedly resolved, notably the lifting of quarantine measures imposed on humanitarian cargo at Aden and Al Hudaydah seaports in July and August.

Interference by authorities in humanitarian activities remained a major constraint, with over 167 separate incidents reported across the country.
Incidents primarily involved delays and denials of NGO project sub-agreements and arbitrary attempts to interfere in project design and key project management components such as procurement and targeting.

By the end of August, 95 NGO projects were reported to remain unimplemented, in part or in full, due to sub-agreements pending approval by the authorities. The pending projects targeted up to 7.6 million people in need and had a cumulative budget of US$218 million. In July and August, 44 sub-agreements were reported approved, with the GoY approving 24 and the Ansurallah authorities based in Sana’a approving 20. This is a slight decrease compared to May and June, when 48 sub-agreements were approved.

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20 Oct 2020
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