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Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (December 2018 - January 2019)

Humanitarian partners reported 170 access incidents across 103 districts in December and January. This constitutes a marked increase from October-November, when a total of 81 incidents were recorded, in large part because of improved reporting mechanisms.

The Dhubab checkpoint in Taiz was the most persistent challenge. Among the tens of convoys that pass the checkpoint, 13 missions were delayed and three canceled as a result of new clearance requirements put in place by the Saudi-led Coalition in early December for humanitarian movements. OCHA continues to lead efforts to remove restrictions and minimize operational delays, as the route is essential to the scale-up of response activities along the Red Sea Coast.

Administrative restrictions continue to hinder third party monitoring of the humanitarian response. On 18 January, authorities blocked an UN-contracted NGO from monitoring humanitarian activities across 48 districts. Negotiations continue with local authorities to resolve outstanding registration issue to enable monitoring activities to resume.

In mid-December, the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) launched a countrywide tracking to monitor administrative constraints to the ongoing scale-up of operations. According to UN partners, of the 187-entry visa and residency permits submitted to the de facto authorities, 30 per cent were approved, six per cent were verbally approved still to be issued, four per cent were rejected and 60 per cent were pending as of the end of January.

Negotiations continue with the de facto authorities to secure approval for project sub-agreements. Twelve sub-agreements funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) are pending approval. Separately, INGOs reported that 16 of 25 sub-agreements were pending approval, which aim to reach more than 312,000 beneficiaries with multi-sector assistance.

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11 Feb 2019
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