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Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (April - May 2019)



Humanitarian partners reported 375 access incidents in April-May across 164 districts in 20 governorates. The marked increase from February-March, when 83 incidents were reported, is largely due to more robust reporting mechanisms, particularly within the Food Security and Agriculture (FSAC) cluster.

Interference in humanitarian operations continues to be pervasive. Organizations reported more than 137 separate incidents, ranging from interference in local beneficiary registration to a ban on mobile clinics in parts of northern Yemen. The latter impeded the delivery of health services for at least 47,000 patients in 87 districts across 18 governorates.

Delays in clearances at Ibb Customs Houses remain costly. Over 180 trucks with humanitarian cargo were delayed in April-May, on average for about 36 days. The delays cost humanitarian organizations an estimated US$189,000 in demurrage and related operational expenses. Negotiations with the De Facto Authorities about ways to streamline clearance procedures for humanitarian cargo remains pending.

Multiple INGOs were forced to suspend activities, including in parts of Al Hudaydah and Hajjah governorates. NGO leadership continue to negotiate with the De Facto Authorities to address the issues behind the suspensions, including the sharing of cash beneficiary lists, reporting about humanitarian activities and the associated risks to humanitarian principles and protection of beneficiaries. In Hajjah, OCHA is supporting INGOs in securing approval to open a shared operational hub in Abs city, after the De Facto Authorities ordered in March for all premises to be relocated to Hajjah city.

Delays of approvals are blocking a scale-up of the emergency response across Yemen. As of 1 July, 47 out of 64 NGO projects funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) remained unimplemented, in part or in full, due to authorities’ pending approvals of sub-agreements. 17 projects remained pending with the Internationally Recognized Government and 30 projects with the De Facto Authorities. These pending projects, which have a cumulative budget of $55.3m, would reach an estimated 2.5 million people in need.

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12 Jun 2019
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