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Yemen: Cholera & Diphtheria Response - Emergency Operations Center - Situation Report No.18 Week 51 (18-24 December 2017)

Cholera Situation Update:

● The cumulative total of suspected cholera cases reported since 27th April 2017, reached 1,005,207 as of 24 December 2017, with 2,229 associated deaths reported across the country, the overall case fatality rate is 0.22%.

● Most vulnerable age group and areas: Children under the age of 5 years represent 28.4 % of the cases. People over the age of 60 continue to account for the highest percentage of deaths 31.16%. 22 out of 23 governorates are affected representing 96%. 92% percent of districts are affected, 305 out of 333 districts in-country.

● Attack rate: The national attack rate continues to increase reporting 364.99 per 10,000. The five governorates with the highest cumulative attack rates per 10,000 are Amran, Al Mahwit, Al Dhale’e, Abyan and Hajja. As of week (51), there were 6,794 suspected cases reported and 1 associated deaths with 10% of the cases reported severe.

● Testing of samples: Use of rapid diagnostic test has increased since week 40, 586 RDTs were conducted in week 51 with 104 positive RDTs • Decreased cases, continued vigilance: Though the reported numbers for suspected cases of cholera are decreasing, the event is still being closely monitored, paying close attention to surges in numbers particularly when the rainy season begins.

● Dehydration treatment centres: As the MoPHP continues to lead, in close collaboration with WHO and partners, the support of dehydration treatment centres (DTCs) all over the country still continues

● Lab systems strengthening: Still ongoing is the support to strengthen laboratory sampling and diagnostics in-country (i.e. collection of stool samples for lab testing, transporting samples to lab and provision of operational costs), and availability of supplies and reagents.

● Continued surveillance: Disease surveillance as well as detection and treatment activities are still ongoing

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Emergency Operations Centre - Yemen
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24 Dec 2017
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Situation Report
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