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YEMEN: 2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview

More than two and half years since the escalation of the conflict, Yemen is the largest man-made humanitarian crisis globally. Widespread violence, deliberate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, collapsing public institutions and restrictions on imports and access to markets; have engendered a serious protection crisis, caused severe economic decline, triggered an unprecedented cholera outbreak, and exhausted people’s coping mechanism leading to widespread food insecurity.  

Needs across Yemen remain overwhelming: an estimated 22.2 million people need some kind of humanitarian or protection assistance, including 11.3 who are in acute need - an increase of more than one million people since June 2017. Some 8.4 million are one step away from starvation. These figures do not include additional needs that might have been created by the three-week blockade imposed by the Saudi-led Coalition on imports of humanitarian and commercial goods into Yemen as well as the most recent escalation of hostilities in Sana’a.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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04 Jan 2018
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Humanitarian Needs Overview
Strategic Planning
Yemen: Crisis 2015-2022