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Nutrition Survey of Sana'a Governorate, May 2016

1. Executive Summary

A SMART survey was conducted during May 21st to June 2nd , 2016 in two zones namely SAD and SAT in Sana'a Governorate (details about districts in each zone are shown on the methodology section). A total of 922 HHs were surveyed and a variety of house characteristics were collected. Data were also collected from 1161 U5 children and 2398 women on the reproductive age 15-49 years. The survey was designed and aimed at updating information about the nutritional status of children and women and more precisely:

1. To investigate some of the HHs living conditions that may – directly or indirectly – affect the nutritional status of children and women.

2. To evaluate the HHs food security situation.

3. To assess the nutritional status of U5 children and women aged 15-49 years.

4. To assess the prevalence of infectious diseases, the immunization and Vitamin A coverage among children and follow the trends of IYCF practices.

5. To track any possible changes in U5MR trends. 

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United Nations Children's Fund
Government of Yemen
United States Agency for International Development
Original Publication Date: 
15 Mar 2017
Document type: 
Assessment Report
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Sana'a Head Office
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