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Need Assessment Report Al Hudaydah-Aug - 2020

One of the most negative consequences of the current crisis in Yemen is the deterioration of social services, infrastructure, public health, sanitation, food security and livelihoods.
As far as education system is concerned, schools and other education facilities have been badly affected, some of the schools have become out of services, denying teachers’ salaries pushed them to drop out their posts and search other opportunities. In addition to that schools’ furniture, equipment and teaching aid have been lost, which all made the education system with bad quality particularly female education.
In Al-Mouneerah district- Hodiedah governorate, such negative consequences of the current situation affected badly the whole infrastructure, social services and livelihoods of most vulnerable social groups which have led to drop the quality of life, endanger of most fragile social groups especially children. These negative factors emerged because of the crises were formed as the driving forces pushing majority of people to become displaced.
The education system in Al-Muneerah district- Hodeida governorate was badly affected as well which need to be assessed as the first step toward effective and sustainable improvements.

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United Nations Children's Fund
Original Publication Date: 
22 Jan 2021
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Assessment Report
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Sana'a Head Office
Yemen: Crisis 2015-2021