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The guidance note explains the steps and processes adopted for the review of SMEB based transfer values for Yemen for Q2-Q3 2021. The values are subject to review again in end of Q3 2021 to be applied for Q4 2021 accordingly. The objective of this document is to provide guidance to the Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) community of Yemen on the Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) and the corresponding Transfer Values (TV) for Northern and Southern Governorates in Yemen for Q3 2021. This is a living document and will be amended as per the evolving context of Yemen and the developments led by the CMWG Yemen regarding the SMEB and Transfer Values in consultation with clusters and partners.
The scope encompasses the complete process undertaken for the development of Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket and determining of the corresponding Transfer Values for northern and southern Governorates in Yemen. The document also covers the deliberations with the respective clusters and the logic for selection of the commodities included in the SMEB; the final recommendations from the Cash and Market Working Group on SMEB and TVs; household size, calculation of Multi-Purpose Assistance Package through the SMEB based Transfer Value and the broad monitoring framework etc.

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Cash and Market Working Group - Yemen
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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03 Aug 2021
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Sana'a Head Office