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Joint Social and Economic Assessment for the Repulblic of Yemen


Social and economic assessment of the situation in Yemen after the signing of the Transition Agreement of November 23, 2011, and the forming of a Government of National Unity on December 7, 2011. The World Bank informed its partners—the United Nations, and the European Union, and the Islamic Development Bank—consistent with the Joint UN/EC/WB Joint Declaration on Post Conflict Needs Assessments.1 A joint team met in Yemen, Sana’a, with the Yemeni authorities from February 2–16, 2012 to discuss the approach and the division of the work. All participants agreed on general terms of references which gave the Bank the responsibility for the overall coordination and the topics “Context Review,” “Socio-Economic Development,” and “Services and Institutional Infrastructure.” The UN covered the topic “Human & Institutional Capacity,”and the EU the topic “Livelihoods.”


While there is no agreed methodological approach toward such a joint assessment, the joint team adopted a pragmatic approach. Generally, the team was guided by the need to establish a quantitative and/or qualitative baseline of the situation in Yemen prior to the crisis of 2011 to be able to measure the impact of 2011 political crisis. The Joint Social and Economic Assessment (JSEA) was meant to take stock of the current situation in terms of economic activity and outlook; state of essential services delivery; institutional and service infrastructure; livelihoods, with a focus on vulnerable groups including youth; grievance mechanisms; and justice and issues of equity.
The JSEA was also guided by the opportunity—going forward—to build a more nuanced, strategic, and coherent approach for deploying external and domestic resources more effectively, in furtherance of stability,social cohesion, and transition.

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16 Feb 2012 to 30 Apr 2012

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All affected population
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European Union
Islamic Development Bank
World Bank
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Government of Yemen
Al Hudaydah
Amanat Al Asimah
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