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How the Helpdesk service operates

Use our Helpdesk website and service for:
  • Advice on assessment design, data collection planning and sampling
  • Review of assessment tools, data analysis and reports
  • Familiarizing yourself with assessment resources across different sectors.

For more specialised requests, please email us at to outline your request. Our team will confirm the query and inform you of an estimated time for response.

An important part of ensuring the quality of Helpdesk responses is for us to understand your exact needs and tailor our response to match the purpose of your assessment, thus please include all relevant details in the request, such as:

  • If you are planning a survey, what are the objectives;
  • If you have already conducted a survey, what were the research questions, methodology, data collection method, tool, timeframe, geographical scope;
  • If it is a GIS-related request, what is the software used and how is data collected.

Below are a few request examples that can be addressed by the Assessment Helpdesk:

  • What are good practices on representative sampling for displaced populations?
  • Do you have any training materials in Arabic that we could use to organise a training session for staff on key informant interviews?
  • Can you review our data collection Terms Of Reference and data analysis framework?
  • What are the standard global indicators for a Protection-related assessment?

Who are we?

The Helpdesk comprises a team of REACH Yemen assessment staff based in Amman that is supported by a larger international network of REACH teams. Through the Helpdesk, humanitarian actors in Yemen can call on REACH’s established institutional expertise and network of assessment practitioners.

Our aim is to improve the capacity of operational actors in Yemen to contribute to methodologically rigourous data collection and to facilitate the standardisation of assessment methodologies, tools and coordination.

List of resources

Designing Your Assessment Project
Conducting Data Collection
Data Analysis tools

Please get in touch via email at if there are specific resources not on this list that are of interest to your assessment. We look forward to hearing from you!


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