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Attention: COVID-19 information


Dear partners, please see a special page created on the COVID-19 guidance for the Whole of Syria Protection Sector.

We update it immediately once the new resources are out and working to populate it with Arabic resources.

Across Syria, the Protection Sector is working to improve the protection context of millions of people who face protection threats. In 2019, as of end-August, the protection sector provided 5.6 million interventions to people all across Syria affected by the conflict. The protection sector welcomes new partners and actors who support programming in Syria to help those in need.The Whole of Syria response has three main operational response centres, Damascus, Gaziantep and NES. Damascus operations support 5 sub-national response centres. Between these hubs, in 2019, as of end-August, the specialist areas of protection including child protection, GBV and mine action have provided assistance to 2,582 communities in 268 sub-districts in Syria. In 2018, the sector was able to reach 2,471 communities in 261 sub-districts in Syria through 233 partners where as in 2017, the sector had reached 1,975 communities in 238 sub-districts in Syria through 208 partners. 


Interactive response dashboard for 2018