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The Whole of Syria Needs Identification Framework (NIF) kick-off workshop was conducted by SIMAWG in Gaziantep from 7 - 8 of April 2015 
The workshop brought together representatives from the Hubs, WoS sector focal points, INGOs, Syrian NGOs and technical expertise involved in established interagency assessment and monitoring processes: Area of Origin, Dynamo, SAMI’s MSNA, NPM, SNAP and HTAU.

As tasked by the ISCCG, the purpose of the workshop was to kick-off the work on NIF and to develop a concrete work plan, next steps and ultimately recommendations for implementation. The group has a time-limited duration with end of May milestones, for reporting against progress, to guide future planning and to take tangible actions for implementation.

Note that the work had a WoS focus on creating an inclusive whole of Syria Needs Identification Framework, and while various specific needs identification methodologies were explored, this group did not delve into the methodologies in detail or make specific recommendations for altering any of these initiatives, some of which are ongoing.


The overarching objective is to:

“Identify and learn from needs identification methodologies, data collection, processing and analysis efforts taking place within the Whole of Syria (WoS) approach and develop timely interventions to improve decision-making and need-based response to populations affected within Syria by the current crisis to feed into the 2016 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO).”

The main NIF workshop objectives were twofold:

Bring together and learn from current and historical needs identification initiatives for the creation of a comprehensive WoS Needs Identification Framework.
Share expertise and knowledge in the area of needs identification in the Syrian context.