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Syria IDP and Returnee Movements - December 2018

IDP Movements

During the month of December 2018, the humanitarian community tracked 58,549 IDPs displacements across Syria. The largest IDPs movements of 33,163I DPs were noticed in Idleb governorate, the great majority of which was internal displacement within Idlib governorate with about 31,000 IDPs, while about 4,600 IDPs were displaced east Idlib governorate to west Aleppo countryside. This displacements was due to active fire exchange between the GoS forces and the NSAGs along the Demilitarized Zone in east Idlib and northern Hama countryside where about 1,400 IDPs displaced from northern Hama communities to southern Idlib governorate. Exchange of fire and the GoS forces shelling to west Aleppo countryside as well as deterioration in the security situation in north Aleppo countryside caused internal displacement of 5,525 IDPs with in Aleppo Governorate. Meanwhile the US backed military operations against ISIL in Deir-Ezor resulted in displacement of about 6,000 IDPs within Deir-Zzor Governorate and about 4,000 IDPs to Al Hasakeh governorate. While skirmishes between the NSAGs and the GoS forces caused displacement of about 800 ODPs in northern Lattakia countryside. IDPs from other provinces across Syria have been moving in relatively small numbers in quest of better humanitarian conditions.  


Return Movements

During the month of December, the humanitarian community have tracked (119,698) spontaneous IDPs returnees in several areas cross Syria. In Dar’a for example, it is estimated that there have been 54,000 IDP returns to areas of origin within the governorate since the territory returned under GOS control and services started being reactivated, albeit slowly. In Rural Damascus 26,168 IDPs returned to their original communities mainly from the same governorate as GoS started providing basic services. At the same period about 9,200 IDPs returned to their original communities within Aleppo governorate in GoS controlled areas and about 7,800 IDPs returned from Idleb to their communities in northern Hama countryside in GoS controlled areas. >> Other returns were also recorded as the security conditions improved, where about 2,700 IDPs returned within Idleb. Around 3,200 IDPs returned from Rural Damascus to Quneitra. About 1,200 people returned after being displaced within Quneitra and about 1,500 IDPs returned from Damascus to Deir-ez-zor.


-  The returns refer to IDP spontaneous returns and does not follow the definition of ‘Returnees’ or durable solutions for IDPs.

-  The IDP spontaneous returns includes IDPs returning to their homes or communities of origin. Spontaneous or self-organied returnees are those that return with no external support by the humanitarian community or by any authorities and rely on their means.

-  The IDP spontaneous returns referred in this monthly report refers to the return movements occurred in the reported period only.

-  The process of verification is based on triangulation of verified IDP spontaneous returns reported by different mechanisms and further examined by the IDP TF through cross-checking population numbers from pervious years.

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21 Jan 2019
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