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Whole of Syria COVID-19 Response Update No.01

• The Consolidated Planning and Requirements for COVID-19 Across Syria document currently reflects the request of US$ 374 million for 2020. This is in addition to the US$ 3.4 billion 2020 HRP.
• As of 29 April, 43 people with COVID-19 have been confirmed by the Syrian Ministry of Health (MoH), including three fatalities and 21 recoveries.
• On 29 April, NES local authorities confirm their first two locally PCR tested case of COVID-19
• No confirmed cases of COVID-19 in north-west Syria. As of 29 April, 226 samples have been tested; all negative.
• UN advocates for the MoH to achieve testing capacity in all 14 governorates, and pledges its support to achieve this.
• Areas of concern remain densely populated areas, notably Damascus/Rural Damascus and those living in camps, collective shelters and informal settlements in north-west and north-east Syria (NES), as well as other areas including Deir-Ez-Zor, where ongoing hostilities may be ongoing making sample collection particularly challenging.
• Populations of concern, include the elderly, people with underlying health condition, refugees, IDPs, and healthcare workers with inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Preparedness and response efforts continue in north-west Syria, with a focus on prevention, risk communication, protection of health workers, surveillance of entry points, provision of PPE and community/facility based isolation.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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01 May 2020
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Situation Report
Syria: Crisis 2011-2021