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Syria Crisis: North East Syria - Situation Report No. 30 (15 July – 30 November 2018)

Syria Crisis: North East Syria - Situation Report No. 30 (15 July – 30 November 2018)


• The United Nations (UN) and partners have significant concerns for the civilian population impacted by recent hostilities in south-east Deir-ez-Zor Governorate, with airstrikes reportedly contributing to significant civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

• On the 1 December the SDF opened a security corridor which reportedly resulted in over 3,000 people, mostly women and children, fleeing the ISIL-held Hajin enclave. The UN is concerned by reports that some of the subsequent movements of these IDPs to Al Hole camp as well as the Abu Khashab informal settlement and Al Busrayiah transit site were reportedly not voluntary. These movements follow the displacement of an estimated 6,000 people from the ISIL-held Hajin enclave to surrounding areas between September and November.

• The UN in Syria strongly condemned the 29 November attack on a joint humanitarian mission in south-east Deir-ez-Zor Governorate which resulted in the shooting and wounding of a Syrian driver from a local NGO (see 30 November statement from UN in the Syrian Arab Republic). The UN calls on all parties to the conflict to uphold their responsibilities under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law to take all possible measure to protect civilians, including aid workers. Following this incident humanitarian actors suspended their activities in the area.

• Despite improvements in access, reports of disruption to education provision in northeast Syria continued during the reporting period, with almost half of the 102,000 children enrolled in GoS schools in northeast Syria affected by deliberate obstructions preventing them from attending GoS schools. This includes some 10,000 children who have reportedly been unable to attend school since later September.

• Across northeast Syria there continue to be reports of insufficient winterization assistance among IDP populations. As of the end of November NGOs operating in northeast Syria reported a 39.7 per cent gap in required funding, leaving some 142,000 people targeted for winterization assistance not covered. 

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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19 Dec 2018
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Situation Report
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